A cheesy Alice in Wonderland imitation

It’s a bit of a shameful natural impulse of mine to give dull and wintry colours that poetic touch by quickly turning them into moody black and white photos. Yet, I can’t help but see that cold April day in Cambridge with different eyes, now that the photos have that special something that completely ignores the freezing and fairly miserable weather…

But it wasn’t all bad. Having a good stroll through the colleges and along the canal was nice and scenic and everything but the actual highlight could by no chance have been predicted. While eating lots of strawberries, blueberries and chocolate muffins fresh from the market stalls, we suddenly came across an open gate. Whoop, that’s how all adventures from childrens’ books start, right!? Right, so we did the only clever thing, went right through it and felt as if Lewis Carroll had drafted this encounter.

In front of us was a huge and rather abandoned private park with a small house that was framed with ivy and had a view over the river. Luckily, its doors were open. As if that wouldn’t be perfect enough, we came there in the middle of the Easter Break and were therefore not running the risk of being identified as cheeky intruders. After shamelessly indulging in the day of some true treasure hunters, we sadly took the coach back to London, although I’m sure Mr. Carroll had another ending in mind.
























45 minutes in Richmond

England is not the sunniest of all places right now, but it was for a couple of hours last weekend. Before I headed to an appointment I was desperate to catch some countryside flair in Richmond. By the time I got there I realized I only had less than an hour to take a quick walk round to the river and the old part of town, so it ended up being some kind of extremely rushed photo jogging session. (Let’s forget about the part where I  got back to Central London an hour too early – my phone was still on German time so all the rush was useless!)

So, Richmond is technically not part of London anymore part I still think you have to check it out at least once however short the trip, because it’s so very peaceful and pretty. There’s nothing like having a burger at the pub right next to the river Thames (I didn’t get to do it this time obviously…) and then strolling towards parks and charming old houses. The old part of town is immensely unique – you’d find more little boutiques and independent shops than on all high streets in London added together. Not sure whether that’s true, but the density of them in Richmond is just baffling!

We were the young / Radiolarians / Come what may / Come

I only really started to appreciate quiet spaces, parks and solitude when I moved to the big city. Now it seems as if I can’t get enough from cute little towns and that kind of cosiness that’s only present in rural areas. However, that is no reason to go back to the countryside, I still love cities and the 24/7 buzz far too much!

Here’s the second bit of some photos I took in Bamberg and the fields that surround it. This time it’s analogue and completely untouched. The faded colours don’t need an edit, they are perfect just the way they come out. Except for the last bit… I don’t really know what happened to the film (Well, I do, I let light come in obviously), so now the stunning panorama photos I took from a forlorn tower are all dipped in that ruthless red. Anyway, I’m sure some people would find reasons for why that’s art…

If you happen to visit Bamberg, please have a look at the Cathedral (which has four beautiful towers) and at Altenburg which is on the town’s highest hill. It enables you to a fantastic view on Michaelsberg Abbey and over many beautiful houses and mouth-watering cosiness – there we go again…

They made a statue of us / And it put it on a mountain top / Now tourists come and stare at us

Potsdam, the capital of Brandenburg, is an approximately one hour U-Bahn ride away from Berlin Mitte, so it couldn’t be more convenient to discover the East of Germany along with its stunning history a little further.

We decided to do a little boats trip on the Havel river where the weather suddenly decided to turn into one grey and rainy mess again but hey, spending time on water is fun no matter what!

My personal highlight though was the afternoon at the Sanssouci PalaceIt was originally built for Frederick the Great, King of Prussia, and is located near the city centre – surrounded by huge gardens, statues and a little river.  Its architectural style is best described as Rococo (My former art teacher would be immensely proud now), although I would just call it “heavenly fancy.” Unfortunately that hasn’t been a particular era in art yet. There were two weddings going on and even the sun decided to show off… So please, whenever you happen to be in Berlin, make sure you’re heading down to Potsdam, it’s well worth a visit.

I was trying to find me something / But I wasn’t sure just what / Man I ended up with pockets full of dust

Bamberg is a small city between Nuremberg and Erfurt in Bavaria, the south of Germany that would like to be a country of its own. When I visited my friend last weekend on a farm in the middle of nowhere (lovely!) we did not only sit on mountains, climbed up a forlorn tower and spent time with horses, we also went on a day trip to one of Germany‘s most beautiful towns. There are even men running around with heart-shaped balloons – what soulless person would not fall insanely in love with that piece of earth?! However, I didn’t even know it was one of Germany’s most beautiful towns until now, so let me unleash the reasons. Ideally you wouldn’t need reasons when looking at the photos but I’ll still outline a few highlights that shall not be missed!

Bamberg’s city centre is beautiful – typically for Europe, there are old houses and architectural treasures wherever you look. There is also a cute river sneaking through major parts of it. It’s clean and not as crowded as public swimming pools would be. There’s only one thing to be careful about: The current is massively strong and never, ever jump in there at night with alcohol involved, that is beyond dangerous. We jumped in there (in bright daylight and with no alcohol but loads of ice cream…) and although the water was quite chilly, it was such a pleasure to feel waves again after that genuine lack of summer in the past weeks.

Other things worth checking out are the rose garden, the castle, a few art galleries  and Bavarian restaurants “Biergärten” … So stay tuned for another post covering these attractions among some countryside snaps! But oh how quickly the relaxation faded as I made my first steps into boiling Berlin again. Happy office days… x

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