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My phone tells stories: Ten recently discovered truths


1. Germany is beautiful (see evidence above).

2. Should I – because and despite everything – settle in London, I would have to live next to Regent’s Canal. I cannot count the number of times I have walk from Victoria Park/Haggerston to Angel and just how therapeutic this has been. Screw the Overground!

3. Wine is the new beer.

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Saturday is market day: Broadway Market

You know how people say that London’s fashion scene is so full of weird, unpredictable “special somethings”? I would narrow that down to the boroughs that aren’t anywhere near central because the authenticity in Westminster and the like is largely made up of Primark bags or buzzingly vibrant guys in suits. Ehem. This may or may not take you by surprise, but East London is different. Broadway Market for example is a huge accumulation of awesomeness, of colours that don’t go together but kinda do because said person just owns it and pulls it off. And don’t even get me started on the street food. So if you’re looking for the kind of city that is often described in guide books or blogs, opt for Hoxton on a Sunday instead of Oxford Street and you’re sorted out.