When in Carcassonne

In case you’re slowly getting confused with all the different locations I’m talking about here, or if you just recently hopped on the … ehm, blog train, listen up: After a month in the US and Canada, we’re now set in sunny France (although in reality I’m sitting in a small fifth floor room in rainy Brussels with lots of tea) and judging from the photos, it’s been a pretty good summer. We checked out Montpellier, a stunning old town with a bunch of cute and inexpensive boutiques, candy-coloured roundabouts (I may or may not have jumped on one with a happy squeak) and those French houses that I could spend hours photographing. Another stop was Carcassonne, a place that I embarrassingly only knew because of the famous board came, which is probably the most charming and touristy place I’ve ever come across. That’s what Americans mean when they can’t believe how much history there is in Europe: Century-old cobbled alleys, cathedrals that must be aching from all the emotional baggage and of course, crêpe stands. We’re in France, after all.

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It’s just a drop in the ocean / A change in weather

The South of France has turned out to be the perfect destination for a long, relaxed road trip. Why? Because now and then, you’d coincidentally get into small towns like Narbonne or Gruissan that are casually located between the sea and the Pyrenees. Oh dear, even the sound of these names instantly makes me wanna start using French as my primary way of communicating with the world. Where were we, yes, the trip, I’ve switched off my signature see-as-much-as-possible-in-12-hours mode and actually started to breathe in sun, the smell of fresh baguette, blue skies, the salty seaside air and the beautifully French laissez-faire style. Now these few days of over-indulgence and charming drives around in awe hopefully charged enough batteries to make us power through the year.

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The Yellow Train

Are you up for a little trip up the French Pyrenees? No no, you don’t have to walk, a cute yellow train will do the job for you. While the rather ancient carriages might already be enough to get excited, there’s also a stunning scenery ‘rushing’ past at a very chilled pace. So why not hold your head out of the window, close your eyes and let the wind mess with you hair? When it stops after about two hours, you could either go back right away because it’s all about the journey right, or you could get off and explore an old village that’s totally still stuck in the Middle Ages (no joke!) hence incredibly charming. There’s one grocery shop, a boulangerie, a patisserie, and a tiny pizza place that closed down and… barely any people walking around. Perfect for the type of escape that your thoughts revolve around during rainy days in the office, right!? Now go, hop on the train, it won’t wait forever!

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