+++ Hello relaunch +++

Chances are you’ve seen this already: I’ve made the blog look a bit more like a product of 2014 and added lots of exciting photo and journalism content. And as my days are somehow a little more structured (and by that I mean looong) right now, this little space is gonna serve as a portfolio more than a diary for a while.

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Portfolio Relaunch

As the last few months and weeks were so (!) exciting and busy, it took me quite a while to finally reorganize my portfolio. I got rid of many individual shots that weren’t part of a bigger project or wouldn’t fit into these categories and therefore wouldn’t make an awful lot of sense.

I liked the idea of putting them into different colour schemes although that meant that I had to leave the polaroid section out… I probably got the most positive feedback for them in the past, so my sunbathing mind will have to come up with a greater idea shortly. However, until then, have a few clicks here and tell me if you like what you see! Also, check out my Facebook page and follow me for essential summer shots that picture ice cream and pools… x


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