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My phone tells stories: Ten recently discovered truths


1. Germany is beautiful (see evidence above).

2. Should I – because and despite everything – settle in London, I would have to live next to Regent’s Canal. I cannot count the number of times I have walk from Victoria Park/Haggerston to Angel and just how therapeutic this has been. Screw the Overground!

3. Wine is the new beer.

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A walk on the East side of things

Let me take you on a lazy Easter Monday stroll through Hoxton, Shoreditch and all the leafy worlds in between. If you start off at Broadway Market, chances are you won’t be able to resist the fresh sourdough bread with salmon, mushroom risotto or organic fairy cake so come with an empty stomach and make the most of the market’s eclectic mix of food and fashion. If you walk right until the end you will get to London Fields, a park that is particularly crowded and fun on a warm day in spring. We saw a dog that was jumping about two metres (!) towards the sky for 30 minutes. Up and down, up and down. Effortlessly. All the passers-by were cracking up and that whole situation made for some pretty special afternoon entertainment, I can tell you.

A stroll among Regent’s Canal (there’s a more detailed post on this coming up soon!) is always a good idea, especially when you’re walking towards the beautiful Geffrye Museum. It was five minutes before closing time when we got there but that was just enough to check out their beautiful gardens. I promise to follow up on the actual exhibitions very soon! Hoxton Gallery is on the legendary Kingsland Road between Old Street Underground station and Hoxton Overground and makes for a bit of culture in the midst of all the trendy cafes and bars (not that I’m complaining…). The current showcase is a mix of cartoons, graphic design, drawings and photographs. It feels a bit like reading a giant book, with each piece of art enriching the story.

There are a couple of great coffee places between Old Street and Angel, like Shoreditch Grind, Timberyard, Look mum no hands! (my personal favourite because of these bikes and cycling accessories) and Goswell Road Coffee which is basically Brick Lane Coffee, but… on Goswell Road. Wowzer! And if you’re on the look for some dinner (y’know, it’s been a while since that cake at Broadway Market…), you’ll find virtually anything in the Angel/Islington area. Ottolenghi is one of the best places to hunt down your #foodporn Instagram snaps (although a bit too packed and pricey for my taste) and Café La Divina do salad in a bowls that are made of bread. How awesome is that. Happy egg hunting and enjoy the rest of your bank holiday!



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Watching the leaves change on Hampstead Heath

Is it just me or is winter coming really late this year? It’s already December and the majority of pretty red leaves is still on the trees. Now if that’s too much of a granny thing to talk about for you, it doesn’t get a lot more exciting today, sorry! I took a walk in Hampstead and if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know that I have a real soft spot for this little North London village. No place in the city is as cosy and heart-warming and filled with so many inspiring cafés with fancy people hanging around. So this very adventurous walk featured colourful leaves and excited dogs and excellent views from Parliament Hill. Enough said, I shall go back to sipping my afternoon tea and knitting some warm jumpers for my many grandchildren now.

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Barcelona Burgers

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know that I a) love burgers and b) had an absolute blast in Barcelona when I went there earlier this year. I didn’t expect (but secretly hoped of course) to be back any time soon, but it so happened that we were picking up my Dad from the El Prat airport and then went on a holiday to Southern France from there. We had a few hours left, so I recommended to climb up Park Güell (not fun at 36°C but ever so worth it!), where we bumped into the same musicians that I was photographing back in April. They’re probably playing there every day but it still put the ‘been there, rocked that’ smile on my face. But then we went over to the really important stuff: A burger at Kiosko, one that – after the obligatory Caroline, you even burn rice, why should we trust you with our dinner? everyone loved. Thanks Barcelona for being such a beautiful detour!

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My phone tells stories: When summer came to town

When I click through these little square images, I realise two things. Firstly, the best moments are usually the ones who remain uncaptured because of the inability of a certain phone battery or because we were too busy being happy (or hungry?) to remember taking a photo, and secondly, how on earth is it already mid June!? But hey, according to my diary, summer is supposed to be in full swing, so let’s have a look at what’s been going on in London.