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My phone tells stories: Winter magic

Boom, it’s nearly March! And March means it can’t be long til summer. Take note, Berlin skies! The last couple of months somehow managed to be the close-to-perfect mix of work and play, action and chill, dance moves and naps and home and travel on a silver plate. Yeah, that’s a first, I know. I was with my parents over Christmas, took long walks with the dog around Laacher See lake (which I just read a rather interesting article on by accident, not sure my parents are aware of that “imminent danger”), was offline in Norway, worked non-stop in January, got lost and found in Istanbul (and then again, and again) and drove a car again alongside Portugal‘s coast after a very long time (and then got pulled over by the police with Paul Kalkbrenner in full blast, rockstar game strong). 

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From Lisbon with love

I visited Lisbon in May with one of my longest friends from London, fell in love with the city and still need to show you parts of the giant photo album that I brought back from there. The city has so many different temperaments and vibes, it was the diversity and occasional random mix of both that probably makes it the most relaxing short trip I ever had. We walked up the Castelo de Sao Jorge, took a quick train to Cascais and chilled at the beach, marvelled at the street art in south Lisbon next to the sea and ate so many Portuguese custard tarts. What’s not to love!