Colours of 2017

2017 has been a year so crazy and full that it’s incredibly difficult to summarise it in a few words or sentences. It wasn’t one coherent story, it was more like hundred wild stories without any structure or logic. It has been a loud, overwhelming whirlwind of so many feelings, ups and downs, tears, kisses and personal growth. It was by no means an easy year but why should it. Looking back now, it feels a little as if I’ve constantly been on a journey, never quite sure what I was actually searching for and then slowly realising that there is no quick fix for the big questions. So I guess that means I’ll be carrying those over into 2018.

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15 favourite articles from 2015

Last year has probably been the most exciting one in terms of the stories I got to cover and the people I got to speak to. Here’s a list of 15 English and German pieces on love and sex and age and Berlin and trauma and refugees and so much more. Would love to hear your thoughts below. Happy reading! 

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What I’ve learned from six months of freelancing

Somewhere between 2014 and 2015, I decided to go freelance overnight. In other words, I decided to make a living by putting some letters together and taking the camera everywhere I go. My own business. At 22. You know how sometimes people say they’ve had this big thing on their heart and were patiently waiting for the right time to make it happen? Well, I’ve never had that. The opportunity just presented itself because the most amazing team I’ve ever worked with (I love you guys!) offered me some regular work, then another magazine job came up and I suddenly knew being serious about this was the only logical thing to do. I didn’t have the slightest idea of what I would get myself into (and I still don’t have), and it’s both shittier and greater than I imagined. That by the way is the kind of thing I hope to say about life one day! So here’s some random advice in case you’re in a similar situation, in case you’re bored with your day job, finished uni or just feel like making a big change.

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+++ Hello relaunch +++

Chances are you’ve seen this already: I’ve made the blog look a bit more like a product of 2014 and added lots of exciting photo and journalism content. And as my days are somehow a little more structured (and by that I mean looong) right now, this little space is gonna serve as a portfolio more than a diary for a while.

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D.C. Glamour

Even the biggest travel adventure has to end at some point and that’s why it’s time to show you the last city I visited on the America trip. At least from a politics, power and influence point of view, it’s the most important one: Washington, D.C. I was struck by how spotless and picture-perfect the city centre was, everything’s all white and shiny! Although I’ve visited these places before, the White House and the Capitol were a must-see of course, and I was lucky enough to have my friend give me a tour that was so much better than anything I could have compiled from guides or the web. She did lots of internships on Capitol Hill and therefore knew most Congressmen that we saw by name, had all the fun bits of history ready when we did the Capitol tour and even met President Obama in the metro, back in the days when he was still a Chicago Senator. (!)

One particular place I can’t recommend enough is the Newseum, a museum about all things journalism and the media: Taking visitors on a journey with the Kennedy’s official photographer, fast forward to the media coverage of and after 9/11, and showed the remarkable career of the Tim Russert, all Pulitzer photographs, and it also has daily front pages of pretty much every national newspaper in the world.






















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