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My phone tells stories: This is water

I’m travelling to Curacao and Japan this month (eeeeek!) and also find myself (and about five different notebooks) in the middle of two very exciting and intense projects, so my mind has already forgotten about anything that happened between August and September. Luckily dat ol’ iPhone’s photo roll hasn’t. Here are a couple of snaps from Austria (Alps), Bavaria, Austria again (Carinthia), England and mild summer days in Berlin. Also, I’d actually like to show you extracts from David Foster Wallace’s speech “This is Water” which has inspired me in so many ways recently. Here is the full piece. 

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Brighton skies: Life’s a beach

Hands down, Brighton is the epitome of cool. Back when I lived in London, I always used to come here on Saturdays whenever there was no uni or work (very rare) because I just felt there was that air of clarity and distance that the big smoke never had. I was back again recently for a conference and had a couple of hours to sit by the beach, close my eyes, inhale the fresh seaside air and just let my thoughts wander. And oh how they wandered. I hope the photos do have that same feel to them, somehow even looking at them has a super relaxed effect on me now. Thank you Brighton for always making things a little lighter!