Phone stories: Indian summer hikes, Bangkok nights & Nordic sunsets

Hurray, it’s summer! Berlin feels like it’s skipped spring and went straight to shorts-and-sunscreen-weather. And what a difference that vitamin D makes! The sun got me itching to change everything! Which would explain why my apartment is an absolute mess of stuff I want to get rid of and new wooden bits that are waiting to be built. Yes, in proper DIY style…

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Colours of 2015

Aaand cut, that’s it. 2015 has been one absolutely crazy year, I’m tellin’ ya. I’ve traveled to more countries than ever before, worked, thought, felt and doubted more than ever before. 2015 has been a huge work in progress and a constant search for the right thing – whatever that means.

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On London squeezing adventures and ridiculous travel resolutions

The reputation of London‘s New Year fireworks can only be described as sparkingly magnificent and visually adventurous. (Is there an Oscar for the most ridiculus metaphor? Can I get it?) That is why I was only too happy to take part in the endless squeezing from Waterloo Station to the Southbank from 9pm – accompanied by what felt like the entire city.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a beautiful activity that may seem slightly challenging for claustrophobics at first but the moment fireworks were shooting across the sky right above our favorite river, everyone knew it was well worth it. Situated on the Victoria Embankment, we had the perfect view… for the first ten minutes. Then the air was so filled with smoke that the only party you could see was the one that people on the HMS President boat were having. Their fireworks made more sense from a camera point of view and I decided to ignore the long-exposure-tripod nightmare and took  a casual angle that couldn’t get endangered by the odd tourist that was drunkenly stumbling his way through.

Speaking of starting the new year, what are your travel resolutions? I have set myself the infamous target to stop getting on rather spontaneous getaways that always turn out pricier than expected and instead save for a big trip in summer whose destination will be unclear for quite some time. However, I won’t be able to restrict myself from exploring the UK a little further. That will mean getting some friends together, jumping in a cheap car and heading to Cornwall, Bath and the Highlands. Oh. And I’d also love to finally visit Lisbon and Budapest. And and and…

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