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Phone stories: Indian summer hikes, Bangkok nights & Nordic sunsets

Hurray, it’s summer! Berlin feels like it’s skipped spring and went straight to shorts-and-sunscreen-weather. And what a difference that vitamin D makes! The sun got me itching to change everything! Which would explain why my apartment is an absolute mess of stuff I want to get rid of and new wooden bits that are waiting to be built. Yes, in proper DIY style…

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Barcelona Burgers

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know that I a) love burgers and b) had an absolute blast in Barcelona when I went there earlier this year. I didn’t expect (but secretly hoped of course) to be back any time soon, but it so happened that we were picking up my Dad from the El Prat airport and then went on a holiday to Southern France from there. We had a few hours left, so I recommended to climb up Park Güell (not fun at 36°C but ever so worth it!), where we bumped into the same musicians that I was photographing back in April. They’re probably playing there every day but it still put the ‘been there, rocked that’ smile on my face. But then we went over to the really important stuff: A burger at Kiosko, one that – after the obligatory Caroline, you even burn rice, why should we trust you with our dinner? everyone loved. Thanks Barcelona for being such a beautiful detour!