I’m starting to think that perhaps autumn in Berlin is even more magical than summer. In a rare outing to Müggelsee and Neu-Venedig last weekend, I finally took a couple of snaps again just for the fun of it. Seriously, look at these colours! Some days literally leave no time to just stop and breathe at the moment, so doing just that and leaving all the questions, occasional confusion (well, let’s scratch the occasional) and the loose ideas on my desk for an afternoon was heavenly. So, without further ado, this is what my current favourite place on earth looks like in autumn. Sorry for the few words, I just wanted to say hi quickly and show you fifty shades of orange. ❤

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Watching the leaves change on Hampstead Heath

Is it just me or is winter coming really late this year? It’s already December and the majority of pretty red leaves is still on the trees. Now if that’s too much of a granny thing to talk about for you, it doesn’t get a lot more exciting today, sorry! I took a walk in Hampstead and if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know that I have a real soft spot for this little North London village. No place in the city is as cosy and heart-warming and filled with so many inspiring cafés with fancy people hanging around. So this very adventurous walk featured colourful leaves and excited dogs and excellent views from Parliament Hill. Enough said, I shall go back to sipping my afternoon tea and knitting some warm jumpers for my many grandchildren now.

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Strand, Somerset House and Story Teller

When walking through Central London, I sometimes don’t realise how close places and areas actually are. It’s certainly not a big deal to walk from Covent Garden through Leicester Square towards Trafalgar Square and the Strand. How amazing!

So I was once again on my way to beautiful Somerset House to check out Tim Walker‘s much talked and blogged about exhibition Storyteller as well as a few London-inspired photographs on the West Wing. Storyteller is an absolutely inspiring, provoking and genius exhibition. I enjoyed some photographs more than others but that’s a very obvious reaction as Walker’s style vary a lot. He’s a master of creating a unique atmosphere within each photo up to the point where it feels so fragile that even looking at it makes you a little anxious about destroying the magic.

Early morning excursions through Covent Garden

The charm and glamour that the area around Covent Garden Market spreads is a different one on mornings and on evenings. It is especially lovely when all the Christmas shoppers haven’t started picking for bargain items yet (It’s November, people!) and the early morning sun is sneaking through the ivory walls.

At 11am, the area seems dead, there’s no pre-theatre dining or after-work shopping – stalls are getting prepared for a long trading day and as if this scene couldn’t be any more fascinating, there’s a huge Christmas tree reminding every passenger of the fast-approaching festive season!

Autumn wanderings through Nottingham Castle

As I’ve told you here, the little Nottingham weekend adventure reached its peak when when I caught a glimpse on the city‘s castle and the area that’s surrounding this 16th century beauty.

When taking a look around, you’ll quickly spot a legend’s statue: Robin Hood (How cool is that, seriously!) is protecting the castle and surely every passenger.

Obviously the scenic pleasure nearly doubles when decorated with colourful autumn leaves during these precious few weeks before winter. The neighbourhoods located directly next to it feel a bit like the setting of The Holiday (which actually plays in Surrey).

This atmosphere has made me curious to wander around through all the future English wonderlands that have lost none of its charme over decades and centuries. Happy autumn, everyone!

An Instagram walk through mountains of wine, cheese and pumpkins

Have you ever been walking through paradise? It doesn’t really matter whether it’s a lonely island in the Maldives or a room that consists of nothing but a massive bed (in that case it would hardly be possible to walk through though…) or, as it happened with me, miles plastered with apples, pies, flowers, bread and so on.

An extraordinarily beautifully arranged supermarket in Kensington made me pull out my camera again and again until I stopped, gave in and took pictures of about everything. Here are some of the results. People who follow me on Instagram might well have unfollowed me in the meantime as it’s loads of food from someone who usually only posts burgers and fancy tea cups. Oops! 


Although the first couple of days on the island do mean an extra dose of stress with moving houses and kicking off yet another year at university but I’ve secretly been waiting to have another intellectual challenge again and to squeeze myself into helplessly crowded tubes. Is that not what everyone secretly wishes for? No honestly, expect a lot of London-related material – probably mostly music, that’s been a thing where Berlin couldn’t compete with the British capital! – and enthusiastic photographical evidence from well-known places.

However, coming back to Londontown doesn’t only involve listening to acoustic concerts at Rough Trade again or enjoying autumn’s beautiful colours in Hampstead Heath – it also means to come back to that lovely, tea-absorbing country called England. I’ve missed the charm of Brighton, Oxbridge and the like and can absolutely not wait to hop on different coaches or trains to discover other places that have been on my must-see list for too long!

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