Golden hours in Freiburg

Freiburg smells like hand-picked strawberries from the garden, champagne for breakfast and my favourite books. At 15, I spent a week there exploring the city that I could see myself study in. Politics, if you’re curious. That didn’t work out so well (luckily) but my love for the little southern town remained. My best friend took me there again for my birthday in July and boom, the city was just as golden as in my memories. That rarely happens.

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My phone tells stories: One spring I wasn’t aware of the fall

I’m struggling a bit to find my routine at the moment because there is none, the only constant is the number of balls in the air that I sometimes manage to juggle better than at other times. I spend about one-third of my time in an office with other humans, one-third traveling and the rest at home at my desk. The latter is currently (and now in particular!) driving me nuts, but fingers crossed it’s a phase that will pass soon.

Anyway, back to the reason for this post: A colourful recap of the last few weeks powered by my photo roll. I was at the Leipzig bookfair and if you’re German and into books, here’s a selection of reads that I’ve either just finished or that are piling up on my bedside table and don’t get the attention (and time) they deserve.

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Good morning, Notting Hill

I don’t really know how it happened and how I could have been so lucky, but for the next couple of weeks I’ll be able to say Good morning Notting Hill, every day. It’s sort of a temporary home, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting. These houses are all in the Pembridge Square area that’s around two minutes away from Portobello Road.

Hence during the warm first autumn days (that have now turned into grey and depressing 24/7 rain sessions) it suddenly hit me and I had to capture the trees whose leaves refuse to turn red and the villas that makes most passengers hold their breath, wondering what the people are like that live behind these walls… Happy dreaming, everyone!

On another page, I’ve finally made a new playlist that features First Aid Kit, Ben Howard and other precious tunes. Have a listen, get yourself a cup of tea and don’t take the weather all too seriously! x

Berlin: Reichstagskuppel

Last week I finally got the chance to pay one of the most remarkable architectural highlights in Berlin a visit: The Reichstagskuppel. It’s conveniently located between Brandenburg Gate, Bundeskanzleramt and Berlin central station, so technically it’s a must see even for a short day trip and my snapping was long overdue.

I knew what this building looks like, I’ve seen many photos (which naturally comes with being a news junkie) – some from political journalists who portray influential or wanna-be-influential people inside – and yet I particularly enjoyed this for a very lucky coincidence:

The visit was booked for 5pm, so we could head there straight after work. I didn’t realize that it would be around that time when the sun is starting to lower and amaze all visitors with some more sparkling impressions.

It’s brilliant how Berlin (and possibly Europe) is finally experiencing a proper summer in late September… that’s when the city gets turned into orange and fully green shades. What a photography paradise!

I was trying to find me something / But I wasn’t sure just what / Man I ended up with pockets full of dust

Bamberg is a small city between Nuremberg and Erfurt in Bavaria, the south of Germany that would like to be a country of its own. When I visited my friend last weekend on a farm in the middle of nowhere (lovely!) we did not only sit on mountains, climbed up a forlorn tower and spent time with horses, we also went on a day trip to one of Germany‘s most beautiful towns. There are even men running around with heart-shaped balloons – what soulless person would not fall insanely in love with that piece of earth?! However, I didn’t even know it was one of Germany’s most beautiful towns until now, so let me unleash the reasons. Ideally you wouldn’t need reasons when looking at the photos but I’ll still outline a few highlights that shall not be missed!

Bamberg’s city centre is beautiful – typically for Europe, there are old houses and architectural treasures wherever you look. There is also a cute river sneaking through major parts of it. It’s clean and not as crowded as public swimming pools would be. There’s only one thing to be careful about: The current is massively strong and never, ever jump in there at night with alcohol involved, that is beyond dangerous. We jumped in there (in bright daylight and with no alcohol but loads of ice cream…) and although the water was quite chilly, it was such a pleasure to feel waves again after that genuine lack of summer in the past weeks.

Other things worth checking out are the rose garden, the castle, a few art galleries  and Bavarian restaurants “Biergärten” … So stay tuned for another post covering these attractions among some countryside snaps! But oh how quickly the relaxation faded as I made my first steps into boiling Berlin again. Happy office days… x

48 hours in Cardiff II: The best mixtape I’ve ever had

After checking out the beach in Cardiff last week, it was time to go back to the city centre and to check out our youth hostel. The city itself is charming, quite small and straight-forward for a capital. Cardiff Castle is very very pretty as well and surrounded by a stunning park that has lots of potential for picnics and extensive reading in the sun.

However – despite the town being very interesting and pretty, the moment we saw our hostel … that wasn’t important anymore. The Bunkhouse Hostel just on the High Street was the fanciest and most attractive hostel I’ve ever seen. (And trust me, I have seen many that don’t deserve to be mentioned at all…) Downstairs’ bar and lounge is furbished in a stunning Victorian style and while the upstairs room are quite small yet incredibly clean and bright, the downstairs level is all covered in colourful beauties. So we turned out to have breakfast in the middle of a massive wooden bed next to old bikes and books. Perfect I’d say…

Although it was not very pleasant to go back to London on a coach whose air conditioner was down, the Welsh countryside and later on, Chelsea harbour among some amazing records did make it a thoroughly successful short holiday! x

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