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Brighton skies: Life’s a beach

Hands down, Brighton is the epitome of cool. Back when I lived in London, I always used to come here on Saturdays whenever there was no uni or work (very rare) because I just felt there was that air of clarity and distance that the big smoke never had. I was back again recently for a conference and had a couple of hours to sit by the beach, close my eyes, inhale the fresh seaside air and just let my thoughts wander. And oh how they wandered. I hope the photos do have that same feel to them, somehow even looking at them has a super relaxed effect on me now. Thank you Brighton for always making things a little lighter! 

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Writing poems on the back of your shoulder

These two beautiful lovebirds are my friends Greta and Robin from London (and Germany and the Netherlands). We spent a stunning Sunday morning shooting on Primrose Hill, marveled at the washed out looking skyline, sipped coffee in Kentish Town and generally had a good laugh in between all of that. I think they got a little stressed when I kept yelling things like “C’mon, do that kiss again! No! The other one!”, “Guys! Stop! Where’s the passion?” but really there was a lot of passion. Love is one picturesque thing.

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Colours of 2014

I’m a little too involved in pitches, projects and boring paper work (namely: sorting out my tax) to do a proper reflective post of the last twelve months, so I decided to compile some of the – more personal – work that I haven’t published anywhere else this year instead. If you still fancy an elaborate recap, head over to the Travelettes where I’ve written about my own and the gals’ favourite travels.

2014 exceeded my expectations. I feel incredibly privileged and grateful for the stories I could tell and the people that I have met on the way, even if our paths only crossed for a couple of days. I think we all long for giving our days a purpose; to make that much debated impact. For the first time in forever, I’ve come across that – at least occasionally.

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Some last snippets of London life

London now feels like a lifetime away – I’m currently sitting in my best friend’s cafe in Frankfurt while preparing the last bits and bobs for the adventure that begins in two hours (in Beirut). My feelings are somewhere between massively excited and strangely nervous so having the girl that knows me best around really does the job. But the actual reason for this blog post is that I wanted to show you the photos I took before leaving London. Those weeks were a bit messy and rushed: I’ve been working full-time till the end, prepared my graduation, finished a few writing jobs, celebrated my birthday, did a road trip to Wales and hugged some of my favourite people goodbye. Now off to Frankfurt Airport, the place where some of the best stories began, and I will see you guys in Beirut!

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This is Greta. Greta is a writer and an absolute pro in citing dramatic quotes from movies, books and all other beautiful things in life. She’s one of them as you can see. We used to live together on a leafy and quiet street in North London but for some reason we became better friends after we moved out again. Greta is off to Cuba for summer and I’ll be all over the place, so we turned that farewell walk into a dreamy photo shoot in Hoxton.

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My phone tells stories: Ten recently discovered truths


1. Germany is beautiful (see evidence above).

2. Should I – because and despite everything – settle in London, I would have to live next to Regent’s Canal. I cannot count the number of times I have walk from Victoria Park/Haggerston to Angel and just how therapeutic this has been. Screw the Overground!

3. Wine is the new beer.