Your Berlin summer guide

Because I keep getting emails, tweets or comments on here with questions on how to do Berlin like a local (and not like your parents), I compiled some of my favourite places where you’re very likely to find me on weekends. I use Google Maps to “star” places as that makes it easy to rediscover places you love and to see when you’re in the area. Highly recommend that method also when you’re travelling!

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My phone tells stories: Guten Morgen Berlin

Writing about Berlin is tricky and a dumb idea (I’m still gonna do it). But writing about Berlin is also writing about yourself because the city couldn’t care less about what you think about it. It’s up to you have to make it work between the two of you … and then hope for the best.

When I came here first for a couple of months two years ago, I felt uncomfortable, like I’m not fitting in. Whatever I was doing just didn’t feel enough because there was always someone who was better at it. And there still is but this time, it’s okay.

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Lovers on a boat

One of the first things I did when I arrived in Berlin (after having a kebab or two of course) was to photograph my beautiful friends’ wedding near Müggelsee lake. I’ve seemingly spent half of said day crying hot (happy) tears onto my camera body and really felt the need to write some soppy lines on the L word.

Over the last few months I have seen more relationships fail than succeed. I’ve seen people coming out of a phase of life completely destroyed; you could almost read the pain between the lines on their faces. But while there may be a hundred reasons for why love generally is a decidedly dumb thing to get into, there’s one that wipes out all doubts in an instant. It’s not one for wimps (and you can definitely count me into that category) but it’s incredibly powerful.

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A big Frankfurt breakfast

Coming back to Europe after Beirut sent me through the worst post-trip melancholy I’ve ever had, but luckily my friends in Frankfurt called in a beautiful breakfast in a light-flooded and quiet café. Lots of salami always does the job of cheering me up (weirdo) and so does the laughter of these two lovelies. See ya soon, Lebanon!

Lesecafé // Diesterwegstraße 7 // 60594 Frankfurt // Germany

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My phone tells stories: Beirut baby

If I had to pick one thing that navigating through Lebanon taught me it would be to let go, to just dive in, to not think about what tomorrow will bring and to be fully alive in what’s happening right now instead, how to make it the best now possible, and maybe also not to talk about politics if you wanna have a good time.

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From Lisbon with love

I visited Lisbon in May with one of my longest friends from London, fell in love with the city and still need to show you parts of the giant photo album that I brought back from there. The city has so many different temperaments and vibes, it was the diversity and occasional random mix of both that probably makes it the most relaxing short trip I ever had. We walked up the Castelo de Sao Jorge, took a quick train to Cascais and chilled at the beach, marvelled at the street art in south Lisbon next to the sea and ate so many Portuguese custard tarts. What’s not to love!

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Saturday is market day: Broadway Market

You know how people say that London’s fashion scene is so full of weird, unpredictable “special somethings”? I would narrow that down to the boroughs that aren’t anywhere near central because the authenticity in Westminster and the like is largely made up of Primark bags or buzzingly vibrant guys in suits. Ehem. This may or may not take you by surprise, but East London is different. Broadway Market for example is a huge accumulation of awesomeness, of colours that don’t go together but kinda do because said person just owns it and pulls it off. And don’t even get me started on the street food. So if you’re looking for the kind of city that is often described in guide books or blogs, opt for Hoxton on a Sunday instead of Oxford Street and you’re sorted out.



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