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Exhibition in Frankfurt: “Drei Millionen”

It has been a crazy four years since I last arranged my photos on a wall that wasn’t my own. So I’m suitably nervous and excited to tell you that I have the great privilege to exhibit a personal portrait series in Frankfurt, Germany, next weekend. It’s called “Drei Millionen” and may or may not be a teeny tiny bit inspired by this song here. Don’t worry if you can’t be there, I will show you the portraits in more detail very soon, until then below is a little peek. And I you can be there, here are the details.

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What I’ve learned from six months of freelancing

Somewhere between 2014 and 2015, I decided to go freelance overnight. In other words, I decided to make a living by putting some letters together and taking the camera everywhere I go. My own business. At 22. You know how sometimes people say they’ve had this big thing on their heart and were patiently waiting for the right time to make it happen? Well, I’ve never had that. The opportunity just presented itself because the most amazing team I’ve ever worked with (I love you guys!) offered me some regular work, then another magazine job came up and I suddenly knew being serious about this was the only logical thing to do. I didn’t have the slightest idea of what I would get myself into (and I still don’t have), and it’s both shittier and greater than I imagined. That by the way is the kind of thing I hope to say about life one day! So here’s some random advice in case you’re in a similar situation, in case you’re bored with your day job, finished uni or just feel like making a big change.

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We rode our bikes into the sky

Before spring came to town this week, some lovely friends helped me find Teufelsberg Field Station in Berlin. I had been to Grunewald forest a couple of times before but due to a severe lack of any sense of direction (and phone reception) my camera and I never actually made it up there. As per usual.

Teufelsberg hill is built on a load of rubbish from World War II which only makes it that bit creepier. There’s a beautiful panorama view over Berlin, well, there would be if not for the building cranes and construction works. But that’s Berlin for ya. ♥

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Eisbach Boys: Surfin Munich

Pardon the cheesy headline but I couldn’t resist. During a quick stopover in Munich last month I got to see the buzz that is the Eisbach stream at Englischer Garten in summer. So many talented surfers ride on one (!) wave for hours on end while a very nosy public stares at and photographs them. They were all pretty smashing. It looks like such an easy thing to do but too much confidence and bad-assery will probably make you sink… I could have stood there for the whole day but instead went on to the Stadtmuseum to see a Beirut themed photography exhibition. I know, that was excellent timing! Speaking of which – Beirut is treating me well, I’m in love with the food, the street life in Mar Mikhael and am slowly getting better at navigating around the city (walking is impossible!). Casual street photography is a bit of an adventure because I’m normally not used to any restrictions but that only adds to the excitement.

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The big fat guide to 24 hours in Copenhagen

Here it is… drum roll… your extensive list of cool stuff to do in Copenhagen. The places are in no particular geographical order, so I’d recommend finding them on Google maps and save them if you plan a trip to Scandinavia soon!

The Statens Museum for Kunst, National Gallery of Denmark, is an incredible multi-faceted art gallery. Tacita Dean‘s ‘Print Projects’ were my favourite because the photographs combined a tiny bit of reality with a whole universe of magical fantasy. Admission is free on Sundays, there’s a huge cafe and garden (which looks more like the outdoor space of a palace) and it’ll be easy to spend a whole afternoon checking out the different floors.

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Copenhagen: Hello Christiania!

Have you heard about that one place on earth without laws where a creative community lives under its own rules? These mainly revolve around the consumption of weed on Pusher Street, as confidential sources have advised me. It’s called Christiana, located in Christianshavn, Copenhagen, and I was staying in a beautifully Scandinavian place right opposite it last weekend. (hey Mum!)

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My phone tells stories: Bonjour Bruxelles

Before coming back to London (and kicking off my final year by editing the news section at the Arts London News, the country’s hottest student paper… new issue out today, boom!) I spent five weeks in Brussels to work for a news channel which may well have been the most exciting thing I’ve ever done. Apart from working crazy hours that usually ended with killing a few bottles of wine, running around the European Parliament with a camera team feeling super important, and trying to squeeze in some extra time to write my dissertation on weekends, I did have the odd afternoon off to explore Brussels a little. I tell ya, the city is totally up and coming! During the first few days, I spent about every night sipping different beers and chatting to old friends at the super laid-back Café Belga, which hosts some of the best gigs and club nights in town.