Author: Caroline Schmitt

Freelance journalist
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Vor fünf Jahren habe ich auf einem still gelegten Bahnhof in Mar Mikhael unter Sternen getanzt und war für ein paar Stunden schwerelos, was in diesem Körper und in dieser Stadt schon etwas heißt. Nach kurzer Nacht- oder eher Morgenruhe ging ich dorthin zurück, weil, was war das denn und kann das bitte schnell wieder passieren (auch so dumm und so menschlich, dass nur gut ist was bleibt und reproduziert werden kann), jedenfalls standen dort zwei Soldaten mit Maschinengewehren, zu müde um Stress zu schieben aber dennoch gar nicht mal so angetan von dieser blassen Braut. Sorry, heute erster kotzfreier Tag nach Sonnenstich, nächstes Mal komm ich im DEZEMBER.

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Phone stories: Indian summer hikes, Bangkok nights & Nordic sunsets

Hurray, it’s summer! Berlin feels like it’s skipped spring and went straight to shorts-and-sunscreen-weather. And what a difference that vitamin D makes! The sun got me itching to change everything! Which would explain why my apartment is an absolute mess of stuff I want to get rid of and new wooden bits that are waiting to be built. Yes, in proper DIY style…

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Colours of 2017

2017 has been a year so crazy and full that it’s incredibly difficult to summarise it in a few words or sentences. It wasn’t one coherent story, it was more like hundred wild stories without any structure or logic. It has been a loud, overwhelming whirlwind of so many feelings, ups and downs, tears, kisses and personal growth. It was by no means an easy year but why should it. Looking back now, it feels a little as if I’ve constantly been on a journey, never quite sure what I was actually searching for and then slowly realising that there is no quick fix for the big questions. So I guess that means I’ll be carrying those over into 2018.

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Phone stories: Thunder roads

Oh 2017, what a crazy one you’ve been. I’ve just come back from a three-week road trip through Canada and the US and finally find the time to go through some of the photos I took in the last few months. I feel like I may have been in a creative hole for a while but I think that was mainly due to the fact that I left little to no time for breaks in between… things. That is now changing, I have an incredibly quiet December ahead of me and couldn’t be happier to finally be able to reflect a little on the past year and on everything that’s ahead. You’ll definitely hear from me before the year ends, there are so many cool photo series and little snippets that deserve to be shared! But first up, here’s an Insta round-up of the last few months… 

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I’d always choose you

My two dear friends Kristin and Filip got married in Stavanger, Norway earlier this spring and I had the privilege of capturing them saying yes and celebrating the day with their friends and family. I was pretty much the only non-Norwegian speaking person there so I didn’t understand much of the words but actions are often louder than words (duh), so this time round I got the idea by just observing people. My camera gave me the perfect excuse to do just that.

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Phone stories: If you wait

I’m sitting outside a bar in Stavanger, Norway right now, the sun is shining on my face and on the pink, blue and orange houses across the street. A delicious craft beer is fuelling my creativity (such a cliché travel blogger moment) and boy, apparently it has been three months since I last said hi on here. Wait, what? Yeah, and I absolutely can’t promise it won’t happen again. Somebody evidently took a bit of a break from blogging and tried to get out of their Berlin media bubble. I stayed offline whenever work allowed me to (thanks work!), went on tons of crazy adventures that could and perhaps will one day fill entire books. Of course I never stayed off Instagram for that long. So, here’s a long overdue selection of snaps from November until April.