Phone stories: Thunder roads

Oh 2017, what a crazy one you’ve been. I’ve just come back from a three-week road trip through Canada and the US and finally find the time to go through some of the photos I took in the last few months. I feel like I may have been in a creative hole for a while but I think that was mainly due to the fact that I left little to no time for breaks in between… things. That is now changing, I have an incredibly quiet December ahead of me and couldn’t be happier to finally be able to reflect a little on the past year and on everything that’s ahead. You’ll definitely hear from me before the year ends, there are so many cool photo series and little snippets that deserve to be shared! But first up, here’s an Insta round-up of the last few months… 


My friend Greta and I have have almost made it a tradition to visit Germany’s Baltic Sea once a year when it’s still a bit chilly and grey up there. That means it’s perfect weather for wollen sweaters, walks at the beach and a lot of evenings spent at various saunas. This “spring”, we went to Usedom and stayed in a lovely Airbnb in Bansin, had great food and went to bed when we were tired. I somehow managed to wake up completely hungover on the Sunday and had to cuddle up in a “Strandkorb” for hours on end until I felt like my body could handle the four-hour car journey back without falling apart. Yeah, so idyllic…

Discovering Germany

April and May were full of big and small trips around Germany, most of them didn’t end up being photographed which is a good sign I suppose. I spent a weekend near a lake in Brandenburg with friends, celebrated May 1 on a dreamy roof in Berlin Mitte at the newly opened Holzmarkt (never seen fireworks like that!) and went on a press trip to the German island of Norderney which ended up being super stressful because we missed the last ferry that day, had to find a place to stay while I caught the flu… Another piece of useful advice: don’t go to the sauna or take hot baths when you’re ill because you’ll get so much worse and no, of course I didn’t do that.

Island hopping

In June, I hit up Sylt, another famous German island, for a trip with Airbnb where we met up with a bunch of locals who drove us around the island in old busses, organised little snacks in the dunes and invited us for a little snack on their house boat. On what must have been one of the most beautiful Sunday mornings of the year, I had a lie-in and rang my Grandma from the garden while sipping the first coffee of the day. Absolute bliss! The weekend was so sunny and well-organised that I felt so, so, so lucky to have a job like that.

Weddings & things

I photographed two weddings, one in Stavanger, Norway which still must be my favourite country on earth, and one in rural Brandenburg. Both were so lovely and relaxed, or rather, I’m sure they would have been relaxed if I wouldn’t have been the photographer, haha. I’m honest, I’m not sure if I’ll ever decide to take photos on a close friend’s wedding again because you almost don’t get a chance to take a deep breath and just enjoy the moment. That said, I love how the pictures turned out and don’t regret a thing.

Summer in the city

It’s so hard to recall summer now, in my mind it’s a huge mess of feelings, nights, thoughts, dreams, that may or may not go well together. I danced in the mud at a festival, took part in a photography course at the famous Ostkreuz agency, got an actual salami bouquet (I know!) for my birthday and went to Bydgoszcz, Poland, for a weekend trip. Everything else is blurry and I love it that way.

The Scottish Highlands

Later on in October, my dear friend Anna and I went to Scotland or a week-long road trip through the Highlands. We started in Glasgow and ended in Edinburgh. I had messed up my knee the week before so couldn’t do any driving, still can’t believe how Anna managed to drive for hours on end (on the left side!) without freaking out at all because that’s clearly what I would have done. I’ve been to Scotland before but completely underestimated how magical the mountains are and how pretty even the fog and rain makes it. I will probably write up the full story with the itenary soon but until then you should definitely add the Scottish Highlands to your bucket list for 2018.

There’s more coming soon, I promise next time the break in between updates won’t be quite as long! Take care x