Golden hours in Freiburg

Freiburg smells like hand-picked strawberries from the garden, champagne for breakfast and my favourite books. At 15, I spent a week there exploring the city that I could see myself study in. Politics, if you’re curious. That didn’t work out so well (luckily) but my love for the little southern town remained. My best friend took me there again for my birthday in July and boom, the city was just as golden as in my memories. That rarely happens.

We were at Lake Titisee in the afternoon, found a deserted villa and a little beach and then took the train to Freiburg. We came just in time for sunset, had some wine on the market square, found pretty plant pots and walked along the little canal. One day I’ll stay, promise.

Caroline_Schmitt_Freiburg_Germany - 1Caroline_Schmitt_Freiburg_Germany - 2 Caroline_Schmitt_Freiburg_Germany - 3 Caroline_Schmitt_Freiburg_Germany - 4 Caroline_Schmitt_Freiburg_Germany - 5

Caroline_Schmitt_FreiburgCaroline_Schmitt_Freiburg_Germany - 6 Caroline_Schmitt_Freiburg_Germany - 7 Caroline_Schmitt_Freiburg_Germany - 8 Caroline_Schmitt_Freiburg_Germany - 9 Caroline_Schmitt_Freiburg_Germany - 11

Caroline_Schmitt_Freiburg_Germany - 17 Caroline_Schmitt_Freiburg_Germany - 12 Caroline_Schmitt_Freiburg_Germany - 13 Caroline_Schmitt_Freiburg_Germany - 16

Caroline_Schmitt_Freiburg_Germany - 19 Caroline_Schmitt_Freiburg_Germany - 18 Caroline_Schmitt_Freiburg_Germany - 20

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