Slow Sundays by the lake

Less photos, more meaning. That’s the pledge I made at the beginning of this month, hoping for a slow and beautiful summer. I want it to be less about big numbers, lots of photos or full diaries and more about real adventures, sleepless nights and books that take my breath away. In fact, I cannot wait for weekends of camping by the lake, crossing the Alps and cycling through the county of Brandenburg because more often than not, good things (strawberries) are so close.

Anyways! I documented one of those slow Sundays recently with my real camera instead of an iPhone (that darn thing definitely made me too lazy to carry that DSLR around) and look how chilled and happy everyone looks! And the puppy! 

Caroline_Schmitt_Berlin_Ploetzensee - 2

Caroline_Schmitt_Berlin_Ploetzensee - 19

Caroline_Schmitt_Berlin_Ploetzensee - 17

Caroline_Schmitt_Berlin_Ploetzensee - 1

Caroline_Schmitt_Berlin_Ploetzensee - 4 Caroline_Schmitt_Berlin_Ploetzensee - 3

1 Caroline_Schmitt_Berlin_Ploetzensee - 5 Caroline_Schmitt_Berlin_Ploetzensee - 6 Caroline_Schmitt_Berlin_Ploetzensee - 11 Caroline_Schmitt_Berlin_Ploetzensee - 12 Caroline_Schmitt_Berlin_Ploetzensee - 14


Caroline_Schmitt_Berlin_Ploetzensee - 8 Caroline_Schmitt_Berlin_Ploetzensee - 16 Caroline_Schmitt_Berlin_Ploetzensee - 18

Caroline_Schmitt_Berlin_Ploetzensee - 20 Caroline_Schmitt_Berlin_Ploetzensee - 21

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