My phone tells stories: One spring I wasn’t aware of the fall

I’m struggling a bit to find my routine at the moment because there is none, the only constant is the number of balls in the air that I sometimes manage to juggle better than at other times. I spend about one-third of my time in an office with other humans, one-third traveling and the rest at home at my desk. The latter is currently (and now in particular!) driving me nuts, but fingers crossed it’s a phase that will pass soon.

Anyway, back to the reason for this post: A colourful recap of the last few weeks powered by my photo roll. I was at the Leipzig bookfair and if you’re German and into books, here’s a selection of reads that I’ve either just finished or that are piling up on my bedside table and don’t get the attention (and time) they deserve.

Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre – Panikherz
Tilman Rammstedt – Morgen mehr
Ronja von Rönne – Wir kommen
Benedict Wells – Vom Ende der Einsamkeit
Max Frisch – Montauk
Heinz strunk – der goldene Handschuh
Joachim Meyerhoff – Ach, diese Lücke, diese entsetzliche Lücke
Thomas Brussig – Wie es leuchtet
Saša Stanišić – Vor dem Fest
Karl Ove Knausgård – Sterben

Caroline_Schmitt_Photography_Phone_Stories_Berlin - 6

📍Leipzig, Germany

Caroline_Schmitt_Photography_Phone_Stories_Berlin - 10Caroline_Schmitt_Photography_Phone_Stories_Berlin - 11

📍Brandenburg, Germany

When life (or work, rather) got the better of me and ran away my sanity over Easter, I escaped to the natural park Märkische Schweiz in Brandenburg and jumped through the woods and around Lake Schermützelsee. If you know me or my writing, you’ll know that I get lost on almost every possible occasion. I often joke how it’s a little miracle that I get back to my flat every day… And because I imposed a strict no-phone-and-no-words-to-anyone-policy that day, I accidentally took a wrong turn and ended up walking around another lake led me in a very strange direction and may or may not have made me swear at numerous trees.

Caroline_Schmitt_Photography_Phone_Stories_Berlin - 8 Caroline_Schmitt_Photography_Phone_Stories_Berlin - 4


Caroline_Schmitt_Photography_Phone_Stories_Berlin - 13

Caroline_Schmitt_Photography_Phone_Stories_Berlin - 12

It’s the best thing to have fellow freelancers among your friends. An impromptu trip to Rügen island had us throw our laptops, magazines and problems into a jeep and move the office to the middle of nowhere for a change. A terrible internet connection led to more trips than originally planned, and so we ended up finding hidden beaches, old book shops and incredible burgers by chance. Could be worse.

Caroline_Schmitt_Photography_Phone_Stories_Berlin - 7

📍Rügen island, Germany
Caroline_Schmitt_Photography_Phone_Stories_Berlin - 9📍Plötzensee, Berlin
Caroline_Schmitt_Photography_Phone_Stories_Berlin - 5📍Obertauern, Austria

And then I was on a press trip in the Austrian Alps (yes, it still snows in April there) and had the privilege of taking my Mum with me. That was fun and more relaxed than I imagined. I guess we’re both adults now, ha. We went skiing, snow-biking (!) and to the sauna. Gotta love a bit of pampering…
Caroline_Schmitt_Photography_Phone_Stories_Berlin - 3 Caroline_Schmitt_Photography_Phone_Stories_Berlin - 1

📍Salzburg Airport, Austria

And in between all the “Wowzer” moments, there’s still no place I’d rather be than Berlin, spending my Fridays dancing in trashy clubs with people I love. And because I keep getting emails and Tweets and comments from people asking me for advice on what to do in Berlin, there’ll be more on that coming soon. Stay up to date on my Instagram for the latest. Caroline_Schmitt_Photography_Phone_Stories_Berlin - 2