Soft skin

My friend Anne is a mind-blowingly beautiful human being, inside and out. We’ve grown up just 20 miles from each other in western Germany but somehow only really started hanging out in Berlin. Unbelievable, I know. She’s an actress and I’ve been trying to convince her to maybe, perhaps, pretty please, think about modelling too because her eyes tell so many stories. Her mouth also says very wise things about life that always either inspire or calm me down. Thanks for that, girl. Anyway, Anne and I finally got up to that long-awaited shoot on a hazy Berlin Saturday in what still feels like winter – and here’s the result.

Caroline_Schmitt_Anne_Thömmes - 1 Caroline_Schmitt_Anne_Thömmes - 10Untitled design (2) Caroline_Schmitt_Photography_Anne_Thömmes - 9 Caroline_Schmitt_Photography_Anne_Thömmes - 10 Caroline_Schmitt_Photography_Anne_Thömmes - 13

Caroline_Schmitt_Photography_Anne_Thömmes - 24

Caroline_Schmitt_Photography_Anne_Thömmes - 25

Caroline_Schmitt_Photography_Anne_Thömmes - 40

Caroline_Schmitt_Photography_Anne_Thömmes - 23 Caroline_Schmitt_Photography_Anne_Thömmes - 41

Caroline_Schmitt_Photography_Anne_Thömmes - 66 Caroline_Schmitt_Photography_Anne_Thömmes - 44

Caroline_Schmitt_Photography_Anne_Thömmes - 62 Caroline_Schmitt_Photography_Anne_Thömmes - 61

Caroline_Schmitt_Photography_Anne_Thömmes - 45

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