My phone tells stories: Winter magic

Boom, it’s nearly March! And March means it can’t be long til summer. Take note, Berlin skies! The last couple of months somehow managed to be the close-to-perfect mix of work and play, action and chill, dance moves and naps and home and travel on a silver plate. Yeah, that’s a first, I know. I was with my parents over Christmas, took long walks with the dog around Laacher See lake (which I just read a rather interesting article on by accident, not sure my parents are aware of that “imminent danger”), was offline in Norway, worked non-stop in January, got lost and found in Istanbul (and then again, and again) and drove a car again alongside Portugal‘s coast after a very long time (and then got pulled over by the police with Paul Kalkbrenner in full blast, rockstar game strong). 

So it has been a great few months and it always takes a few pictures for me to realise that. Although you wouldn’t be able to tell from these snaps, the days and weeks have been quite slow (at least for my understanding). I tried to sleep better (namely, more), started going to the gym (I still think ‘Wait, am I really doing this?‘ every time I swipe my card at the entry gates) … but it turns out I am. My head and heart were a little too busy, but I’d like to think they’re also just going to the gym and working out. So sometimes coming back home with a muscle ache is just a sign that tomorrow they’ll be able to kick more ass. Right? Speaking of kicking. I kicked the year off with a great diary project (Ein guter Plan, it’s German, but take a look) which focusses on feeling great inside and out, and although I didn’t spend enough time on it, it’s helpful to get a few random hints that there are more important things to life than ticking stuff off lists, even if it’s good stuff, even if they’re good lists.

So what’s next? There are piles of books and magazines that are begging for my time because they’re so awesome, there’s furniture that needs to be rearranged (so grown up!), accounting to catch up on (so, so, so grown up!), trips to look forward to, assignments that give me just the right amount of goosebumps and hopefully a few quiet strolls around my local lake to make bigger plans for the year. And although winter is nearly over and wasn’t as bad (cold) as expected, I can’t bloody wait for a summer full of festival action, fresh flowers, ocean waves, barbecues and road trips to the Baltic Sea. Actually, I wouldn’t mind doing that road trip anytime soon. Who’s in!?

Also, Open Hands.

“A prayer for the wild at heart kept in cages”
– Tennessee Williams

caroline_schmitt_photography - 3

caroline_schmitt_photography - 4 caroline_schmitt_photography - 2 caroline_schmitt_photography - 5

caroline_schmitt_photography - 1 caroline_schmitt_photography - 7 caroline_schmitt_photography - 8 caroline_schmitt_photography - 9

caroline_schmitt_photography - 6 caroline_schmitt_photography - 10 caroline_schmitt_photography - 11 caroline_schmitt_photography - 12 caroline_schmitt_photography - 13 caroline_schmitt_photography - 14 caroline_schmitt_photography - 15 caroline_schmitt_photography - 16


caroline_schmitt_photography - 17

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