How wild it was to let it be: A very Norwegian New Year’s Eve

For a great New Year’s Eve party, take snow, mountains, sparklers and good people. I had the loveliest and most laid-back start to 2016 in the middle of the Norwegian nowhere. We (one of my best friends and her old high-school gang, that is) cooked, walked, read, drank and talked in a little hut near Bergen. Back in Berlin, that little bubble of countryside idyll of course burst pretty quickly – but that’s life. I was on the phone to my friend yesterday, ranting on about the burst of several bubbles, when she told me about this new habit she got into: Writing down three things she’s grateful for per day.

Now this isn’t exactly a new idea to me but as with so many other ideas and concepts, if you don’t continually push yourself (and them), they’ll quickly get lost in that endless universe of forgotten words and dreams. Where does all that stuff actually go by the way? Is there a graveyard for all the resolutions and the notebooks of resolutions and habits that were started and never finished? Anyway, this girly inspired me to stop looking at burst bubbles, and focus on building new ones.

And then (yes, the inspiration just keeps coming), I was getting ready this morning and casually mixing up toothpaste and coffee over the sink (mornings… not my thing), when I thought about how the new year just has to be particularly meaningful, whatever that is. It probably means saying no more often in order to find and make space for all the awesome “yesses” out there. The best things, the ones that are worth waiting, and then fighting for, are probably those that are – well, whatever the opposite of complicated is. Let’s keep it short and sweet and simple in 2016. And let’s kiss more. ❤


caroline_schmitt_photography_norway - 6

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caroline_schmitt_photography_norway - 1

caroline_schmitt_photography_norway - 18 caroline_schmitt_photography_norway - 23 caroline_schmitt_photography_norway - 24 caroline_schmitt_photography_norway - 25 caroline_schmitt_photography_norway - 26 caroline_schmitt_photography_norway - 28 caroline_schmitt_photography_norway - 29 caroline_schmitt_photography_norway - 30 caroline_schmitt_photography_norway - 31 caroline_schmitt_photography_norway - 32 caroline_schmitt_photography_norway - 34 caroline_schmitt_photography_norway - 35 caroline_schmitt_photography_norway - 37 caroline_schmitt_photography_norway - 38 caroline_schmitt_photography_norway - 41 caroline_schmitt_photography_norway - 42 caroline_schmitt_photography_norway - 43 caroline_schmitt_photography_norway - 49 caroline_schmitt_photography_norway - 50 caroline_schmitt_photography_norway - 51 caroline_schmitt_photography_norway - 52 caroline_schmitt_photography_norway - 53 caroline_schmitt_photography_norway - 57 caroline_schmitt_photography_norway - 58 caroline_schmitt_photography_norway - 59

1 caroline_schmitt_photography_norway - 61 caroline_schmitt_photography_norway - 62 caroline_schmitt_photography_norway - 63 caroline_schmitt_photography_norway - 65 caroline_schmitt_photography_norway - 66 caroline_schmitt_photography_norway - 67 2 caroline_schmitt_photography_norway - 1 caroline_schmitt_photography_norway - 2 caroline_schmitt_photography_norway - 3 caroline_schmitt_photography_norway - 4 caroline_schmitt_photography_norway - 5

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