Colours of 2015

Aaand cut, that’s it. 2015 has been one absolutely crazy year, I’m tellin’ ya. I’ve traveled to more countries than ever before, worked, thought, felt and doubted more than ever before. 2015 has been a huge work in progress and a constant search for the right thing – whatever that means.

In 2015, I’ve learned that things end and that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’ve learned that you never truly know how much power something or someone has over you until it’s gone. I’ve also learned what happiness means and that knowing it’s only a fleeting moment shouldn’t change its intensity. I’ve learned what home is. Like almost everything else, it’s a constant process and you may find it, or maybe you won’t. Or maybe you’ll find it, and then lose it, and find it again. I don’t know if there’s a way of getting used to this. It’s a strange kind of dynamic.

I’ve also learned that finding out who you are and how you “work” is one of the biggest, most important and ongoing challenges. Let that dictate your decisions rather than adopting someone else’s values and mindset even if it seems like a good idea. We’ve got the beautifully pleasant, or unpleasant, task of spending the rest of our lives with ourselves, so it’s probably a good idea to set some time aside each week to… err, listen to your heart.

So this is by no means a sad post, even just selecting the pictures has made me so grateful. 2015 has been a major learning curve that felt a little too overwhelming at times, but I still prefer that to any easy route. So next year, I want to be less afraid of that ache in my stomach that endings seem to bring about, I want to let go more easily, but I also want to live more passionately. I’m off to the Norwegian mountains now to take it easy, do a fair share of reflecting, planning and dreaming because I haven’t done enough of that this year. Thank you for doing life me guys and see you in January! ❤

caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 16

caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 13
Antalya, Turkey

caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 15


caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 17
Brighton, UK
caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 21
Leipzig, Germany
Untitled design (1)
Favourite office and people ever, Berlin
caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 25
The middle of nowhere, Germany

caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 20 caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 22 caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 24

caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 29
South Tyrol, Italy
caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 34
Oslo, Norway
caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 38
Venice, Italy

caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 27 caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 28 caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 30 caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 31 caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 32 caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 33 caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 35 caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 36 caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 37 caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 39

Brandenburg, Germany

caroline_schmitt_photography - 1 (3)

caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 44
Zagreb, Croatia
caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 3
Budapest, Hungary
caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 4
Sofia, Bulgaria

caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 6 caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 7

caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 1

caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 43
Belgrade, Serbia
caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 46
Rijeka, Croatia
caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 47
Ljubljana, Slovenia

caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 8 caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 9 caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 10 caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 11 caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 45

caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 41
Matka, Macedonia
caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 48
Bled, Slovenia

caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 49 caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 50


caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 57
Saxony, Germany
caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 59
Valencia, Spain

caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 51 caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 53 caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 56 caroline_schmitt_photography_2015 - 58