My phone tells stories: November sun and slow afternoons

Hey fluffy dogs. Hey lazy weekends. Hey colours. Hey autumn. Hey Germany. The last few weeks of this year have been (and are) filled with sleepy Saturdays and cosy jumpers whenever possible. One of the nicest trips has been exploring the Sächsische Schweiz area (which translates to something weird like Saxon Switzerland apparently) which is three hours south of Berlin and oh so beautiful. We went hiking, breathed in some fresh mountain air, jumped through the woods and tried very hard not to fall off the – very Instagrammable – rocks. Mission accomplished I’d say.

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When my sister visited Berlin for a week (Seriously, when did she become old enough to visit me by herself!?!?), we ventured out to Müggelsee lake and I can honestly say that these few hours of inhaling every orange or red tree (not literally) we could see really kept me going during what has been a pretty busy season. Speaking of busy, I saw quite a few live gigs within ten days or so: Thank you Of Monsters and Men, Alice Hills, Polyana Felbel & Ryan O’Reilly, Philip Dittberner, Alt-J, Apparat and all the other street musicians that have brightened up my nights. I didn’t take too many photos of them because a) they turn out crappy anyway and b) it’s all about the music and not your smartphone, right?

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I also went back to my parents place for a quick weekend, well actually it was more like 24 hours. My Grandma gave me a huge bag of apples from her garden (the security guy at the airport had a blast checking them out), we rode our bike rides through the valley and alongside the river like in the old days and hiked to the fairytale castle (Eltz Castle) that’s a ten-minute from the place I grew up in, and somehow never seemed more magical.

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And then Valencia happened and took my breath away. I had no expectations whatsoever, so the incredible street art and the artsy crowd were the most welcome of distractions from words and papers and offices. I went to gallery openings, cycled to the sea (and sat there in a light jumper! In November!), had a beautiful brunch by the ocean, so much good food – and sun. You’ve been good to me, Mr Autumn, at least most of the time. Thanks for that. ♥

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