My phone tells stories: We all walk this earth feeling like frauds

2015, you have been one crazy, crazy year. And you still are, in fact. I feel like I only manage to get hold of very few of the colourful balloons that swirling over my head and over Berlin… Here are some of the faces, flowers and city lights from summer that made a lasting impression on my phone.


“I now inhabit a life I don’t deserve, but we all walk this earth feeling we are frauds. The trick is to be grateful and hope the caper doesn’t end soon.”
David Carr 

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Screw the chronological order (and logic) with this if there ever was any. I watched sunset after sunset after sunset (Berlin <3), danced and drank and cycled a lot, went to the opera and it’d be impossible to number all the cool stuff that’s been happening in da city. I had the least spectacular of all birthdays in July (oh wait, a bucketload of konfetti fell out of my keyboard just last week) and didn’t relly mind. Quiet beats busy at the moment at least on paper.

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I went cherry picking with my friend whose parents have a beautiful Alice in Wonderland-style garden in Brandenburg. It was so nice to get there after a long day, have a good laugh up on the ladder and hear nothing but the birds all evening! I finally settled into my apartment for real, hosted lots of girly sleepovers and errr, cooking disasters…

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And then Eastern Europe happened, the holiday that was more like how-much-adventure-can-we-fit-into-14-days trip and also a I-need-a-holiday-from-the-holiday thing, but I’ve constantly been mindblown and grateful to have been able to see so much and dive into (albeit very brief) fascinating stories in Macedonia, Serbia, Poland and so on. There are many and so on‘s. But it’s also been bittersweet: A week after we returned to the comfort of our homes, the Balkan route made headlines for all the messed up reasons. The park next to Belgrade’s train station was full with pregnant women, little children and young men who had to sleep rough for weeks because governments don’t or can’t make enough of an effort to look after them. Hundreds of thousands of refugees escaped terror, fear and death only to find this. Little did I know that this was just the beginning.

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Here’s some stuff I wrote about the trip: What to pack & the full guide. Here are all our #travelettesdointerrailing photos. Spoiler: Ljubljana was my fav.caroline_schmitt_phone_stories_interrail - 13 caroline_schmitt_phone_stories_interrail - 12 caroline_schmitt_phone_stories_interrail - 11

Back home, I couldn’t sit at my desk for more than two hours (when you’ve been backpacking for two weeks straight, sitting and concentrating seems like a very useless idea). Good thing I hopped over to London for a team meet-up with my girls at Travelettes a few days later. It kind of escalated into a vintage shopping oddyssey, cocktail-sipping and sleeping in weekend. Not that I’m complaining… Weird random fact: In my three years in London I never felt that relaxed and chilled out.

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That was it up until September, a more current update is in the making as we speak! Before you go, my singer songwriter crush of the year is the beautiful, talented, angel-like Polyana Felbel. Give this a listen, it’s made for melancholic autumn (Euphemism! It’s bloody winter!) nights…