I’m starting to think that perhaps autumn in Berlin is even more magical than summer. In a rare outing to Müggelsee and Neu-Venedig last weekend, I finally took a couple of snaps again just for the fun of it. Seriously, look at these colours! Some days literally leave no time to just stop and breathe at the moment, so doing just that and leaving all the questions, occasional confusion (well, let’s scratch the occasional) and the loose ideas on my desk for an afternoon was heavenly. So, without further ado, this is what my current favourite place on earth looks like in autumn. Sorry for the few words, I just wanted to say hi quickly and show you fifty shades of orange. ❤


caroline_schmitt_berlin_autumn - 14 caroline_schmitt_berlin_autumn - 3 (1) caroline_schmitt_berlin_autumn - 4 (1) caroline_schmitt_berlin_autumn - 1 caroline_schmitt_berlin_autumn - 7 caroline_schmitt_berlin_autumn - 2 (1) caroline_schmitt_berlin_autumn - 18 caroline_schmitt_berlin_autumn - 4 caroline_schmitt_berlin_autumn - 5 caroline_schmitt_berlin_autumn - 3 caroline_schmitt_berlin_autumn - 6 caroline_schmitt_berlin_autumn - 2 caroline_schmitt_berlin_autumn - 16 caroline_schmitt_berlin_autumn - 13 caroline_schmitt_berlin_autumn - 17 caroline_schmitt_berlin_autumn - 20 caroline_schmitt_berlin_autumn - 19 caroline_schmitt_berlin_autumn - 21

Also, for anyone who’s interested, here’s a quick list of links with the more interesting stories that kept me busy recently and had me stare onto screens and into coffee cups too much. Hey, let’s talk about sex // A mini-series on refugees in Berlin and their most treasured items from back home (1, 2, 3) // How do you successfully make street music in Berlin?

And this is stuff by others that inspired me: The Drone Papers by The Intercept (I wish these would have been out when I wrote my dissertation on drone strikes in Pakistan last year!) // Climate Change is going to be expensive for everybody // The perils of not dying for love // Speaking of, all love stories are frustration stories // What’s it really like being old? // And lastly, the legendary Miranda July interviews Rihanna piece.

4 responses to Lemonworld

  1. liz

    Stunning photos as always Caroline. You are so very talented – and I love seeing Berlin through your eyes. xoxo

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