My phone tells stories: Where the wild things are

Something very weird is going on right now. And my eyes are a little watery whilst writing this, but I feel like I’ve come home. Whoosh. That may be down to the fact that I’ve moved into my own flat, but most probably it’s for all the people around me who are just there in all the highs and lows, and I’m endlessly grateful (soppy post to follow!) for that. Home. So that’s a little weird. My heart starts beating when I open the lock and enter, somehow settling down (well, at least for a year or two) feels oh so radical. My passport will still always be at the ready though… and it has been over the last three months. Here’s what I got up to.

2 5 I’ve been to Storchenhof, a stunning farm in Brandenburg, Germany, for a weekend of vegan eating, cycling through local forests, brushing up on my yoga skills and nearly falling asleep on a surfboard in the middle of a lake. But perhaps most importantly, I got to hang with some of the most genuine and inspiring people there. Next up was Lake Chiemsee in Bavaria, a rather rainy and irritating affair, South Tyrol where I gained a hundred kilos and Venice, where I fell in love with its architecture (surprise!) and brought home a lot of freckles and sparkling eyes. What an awesome job this is. 1

But with all the exciting articles and projects to be written and organised (very often on trains or at airports), it was also a tad too intense on so many levels. I still need to learn to keep a healthy distance to all things work and stress (no correlation here of course), because really over- or under-thinking things doesn’t get you anywhere! Whoa, preach Caroline. I’d love to say that the next weeks will be a little more low key but that joker of a head (and diary) surely won’t let that happen.

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And lastly, I hit up Norway (one of my favourite countries on this little planet) to see one of my favourite human beings on this planet. Whoa, that’s a lot of favourites. We attempted to sleep on the top of a hill that had a jaw-dropping view over Oslo and ended up getting bitten by those darn mosquitos. As you may know, it doesn’t really get dark during summer in this lovely corner of the world, so these monsters are always buzzing (literally). When it daunted on us that there wouldn’t be any sleep that we, we hiked back down in the middle of the night – swearing and cracking up with laughter. That was one of these moments where I felt almost dizzy with happiness – and didn’t take any pictures with my phone. I vow to leave it switched off a little more this summer because the truly wild things can only be found in the parks, rooftops and faces of this planet. Stay golden lovelies!

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