Brighton skies: Life’s a beach

Hands down, Brighton is the epitome of cool. Back when I lived in London, I always used to come here on Saturdays whenever there was no uni or work (very rare) because I just felt there was that air of clarity and distance that the big smoke never had. I was back again recently for a conference and had a couple of hours to sit by the beach, close my eyes, inhale the fresh seaside air and just let my thoughts wander. And oh how they wandered. I hope the photos do have that same feel to them, somehow even looking at them has a super relaxed effect on me now. Thank you Brighton for always making things a little lighter! caroline_schmitt_brighton_england_seaside - 8 caroline_schmitt_brighton_england_seaside - 2 caroline_schmitt_brighton_england_seaside - 5 caroline_schmitt_brighton_england_seaside - 1 caroline_schmitt_brighton_england_seaside - 9 caroline_schmitt_brighton_england_seaside - 6


caroline_schmitt_brighton_england_seaside - 16 caroline_schmitt_brighton_england_seaside - 3 caroline_schmitt_brighton_england_seaside - 10 caroline_schmitt_brighton_england_seaside - 11 caroline_schmitt_brighton_england_seaside - 12 caroline_schmitt_brighton_england_seaside - 18 caroline_schmitt_brighton_england_seaside - 21 caroline_schmitt_brighton_england_seaside - 17

caroline_schmitt_brighton_england_seaside - 20