Writing poems on the back of your shoulder

These two beautiful lovebirds are my friends Greta and Robin from London (and Germany and the Netherlands). We spent a stunning Sunday morning shooting on Primrose Hill, marveled at the washed out looking skyline, sipped coffee in Kentish Town and generally had a good laugh in between all of that. I think they got a little stressed when I kept yelling things like “C’mon, do that kiss again! No! The other one!”, “Guys! Stop! Where’s the passion?” but really there was a lot of passion. Love is one picturesque thing.

All the people we have met and all the people we have yet to meet are meant to exist
so we can find them, so we both could exchange a set of directions
which will guide us to the next place we are meant to go.

And as we go, we must always believe that maybe this could be our last stop.
That maybe the next person we meet will not have a set of directions,
that maybe they will have more, and that maybe they will offer us
something beautiful enough to inspire us to stay.
– R.M. Drake

caroline_schmitt_greta_robin_london_photography - 16

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If you want to book me for a shoot in Berlin or elsewhere, please do get in touch. And don’t forget to spread some love to wherever you go this week. ♥