Hollow Home Road, London

I’ll admit it: During my flight to London last month, I was positive I’d be overwhelmed by a wave of regret for ever having left – from the moment I’d step into a Northern Line train. Well, that didn’t happen, and I had a great time despite the lack of drama.

The weather was beautiful (!) and Hampstead Heath’s spoiled dogs were as happy, Camden Town as hectic and my friend’s flat as picture-perfect as ever. I took a long, peaceful walk through the heath, caught up with some lovelies and was genuinely stunned by how much (and how little) can change in nine months. The prices of everything kinda caught me off-guard (£3.60 for a latte, excuse me!?), so glad living in Berlin doesn’t cost a fortune! And then I popped over to Brighton for 24 hours which I’ll tell you more about next time.

By the way, this is the absolute babe of a song from the headline. Not sure if that’s a politically correct description of music. Anyways, enjoy your first May weekend you babes! x

caroline_schmitt_london_photography - 1 caroline_schmitt_london_photography - 2 caroline_schmitt_london_photography - 3 caroline_schmitt_london_photography - 4 caroline_schmitt_london_photography - 5 caroline_schmitt_london_photography - 6 caroline_schmitt_london_photography - 7 caroline_schmitt_london_photography - 8 caroline_schmitt_london_photography - 9 caroline_schmitt_london_photography - 10caroline_schmitt_london_photography - 12

caroline_schmitt_london_photography - 15 caroline_schmitt_london_photography - 14 caroline_schmitt_london_photography - 16 caroline_schmitt_london_photography - 17 caroline_schmitt_london_photography - 18 caroline_schmitt_london_photography - 19 caroline_schmitt_london_photography - 20 caroline_schmitt_london_photography - 34 caroline_schmitt_london_photography - 33 caroline_schmitt_london_photography - 22caroline_schmitt_london_photography - 31 caroline_schmitt_london_photography - 24london_collage_caroline_schmitt caroline_schmitt_london_photography - 26 caroline_schmitt_london_photography - 27 caroline_schmitt_london_photography - 32 caroline_schmitt_london_photography - 30

One response to Hollow Home Road, London

  1. liz

    As always, your photos are just beautiful. Loooove the feel of Camden Town. Gosh, I must make a trip to England soon! Berlin, too. 🙂

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