My phone tells stories: Between snowflakes and palm trees

Here’s what my phone says about the last couple of months: It’s been a mild winter but I probably say that because I expected the worst (thunderstorms and darkness for three months) when coming to Berlin and listening to people’s winter tales. If there was snow, it was crisp and refreshing. If there was sun, it made for some beautiful sunsets at Bornholmer Straße (home).

I woke up on New Year’s Eve to a beautiful washed-out blue sky (is that a colour?), with no hangover and a huge breakfast waiting. That pretty much set the tone for 2015.



Anyways, talking about travels. I have been to Cologne, Leipzig and Hamburg in Germany – mostly for work things. I’ve also fallen in love with Antalya (Turkey) during a press trip and, despite mixed feelings, really enjoying being reunited with some favourite friends in London. I hadn’t been back since last summer and thought I’d get overwhelmed with all kinds of drama and regret for ever having left, none of which happened. Blame it on Berlin’s awesomeness.



Berlin places that kept pulling me in with an almost gravitational force have been Betty ‘n’ Caty, District Mot, Ban Ban Kitchen, Shiso Burger, Kauf dich Glücklich’s ice cream, Fräulein Wild‘s cakes, Gorki Theater, and then Supermarkt and betahaus for co-working.

caroline_schmitt_phone_stories_berlin2 caroline_schmitt_phone_stories_berlin3

The thing is, I’m talking about the last three months here but really my phone was broken for at least half of that (ha). Of course I was never disconnected for long but it was still refreshing to look at the people sitting opposite me on trains for a change and not having to worry about good angles for burgers. They already have lots of natural beauty after all.


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