We rode our bikes into the sky

Before spring came to town this week, some lovely friends helped me find Teufelsberg Field Station in Berlin. I had been to Grunewald forest a couple of times before but due to a severe lack of any sense of direction (and phone reception) my camera and I never actually made it up there. As per usual.

Teufelsberg hill is built on a load of rubbish from World War II which only makes it that bit creepier. There’s a beautiful panorama view over Berlin, well, there would be if not for the building cranes and construction works. But that’s Berlin for ya. ♥

If you’re used to remote Kreuzberg or Wedding spaces, being on the former CIA listening station will be a shock. You can only get on there if you book a guided tour in advance, hence another 10,000 tourists will join you in finding out what the buzz is all about.

When’s the sun is out next time, I’ll do the tour, wait until the 10,000 tourists have gone back to Kreuzberg and then have a little barbecue and beer rooftop picnic with my favourite people. Pretty sure no one ever came up with that plan before…



caroline_schmitt_grunewald_teufelsberg_berlin04 caroline_schmitt_grunewald_teufelsberg_berlin06


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