#beachbabies in Portugal

Back in November I was hanging out at the Martinhal Resort in Sagres, Portugal. I had no idea the Algarve would be so stunning in winter. The sensation of taking beach walks a couple of weeks before Christmas and spotting the occasional ray of sunlight probably never wears off – at least for Europeans. Katja, her adorable baby boy Atlas and I checked it out for a story for Travelettes and oh dear, did these five days charge our empty batteries.

The Martinhal is a very family-focussed hotel with lots of yummy mummies and surfer boy daddies. So that was quite the culture shock. I never actually thought about how to travel with a baby but if there’s a baby, there’ll be travels. The idea of exploring the world with a little one or two (clearly I have no idea!) and have different continents teach them everything they need to know about life is making my hippie mind go mad. Now I just need to get my hands on a baby (or two) and a surfer boy. Easypeasy.

I also tried out yoga at 3am (this is a joke but it felt like the middle of the night), ate more and better than during all of 2014 and went to Cape St. Vincent, the “end of the world” and most southern point of Europe. So that’s off my bucket list, cool beans!

In other news: Bon Iver. ♥

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