Colours of 2014

I’m a little too involved in pitches, projects and boring paper work (namely: sorting out my tax) to do a proper reflective post of the last twelve months, so I decided to compile some of the – more personal – work that I haven’t published anywhere else this year instead. If you still fancy an elaborate recap, head over to the Travelettes where I’ve written about my own and the gals’ favourite travels.

2014 exceeded my expectations. I feel incredibly privileged and grateful for the stories I could tell and the people that I have met on the way, even if our paths only crossed for a couple of days. I think we all long for giving our days a purpose; to make that much debated impact. For the first time in forever, I’ve come across that – at least occasionally.





In 2014, I went to Copenhagen, Ireland, Lisbon, Wales, Italy, Lebanon and Portugal (and I’m sure I forgot at least one country here). I moved from London to Beirut to Berlin. I graduated, I started taking photography and writing that bit more serious and realised that if I want to live off it, it would take an incredible amount of additional time and dedication.

In 2014, doing the opposite of what was ‘ordinary’ or ‘a solid idea’ turned out to be a life changing adventure. I feel like I’ve learned so much more than one could possibly fit into one year – but I’ve also spotted some wrinkles the other day. It seems like experience comes at a cost!

caroline_schmitt_best_of_201446 caroline_schmitt_best_of_201439 caroline_schmitt_best_of_201422 caroline_schmitt_best_of_201421 caroline_schmitt_best_of_201419

If 2014 was a colour, it would be shifting from a dark purple to an ocean blue (gotta love summer!) and back to a greyish shade. If 2014 was a colour, it wouldn’t ever stop evolving; it would never want to stop shining brighter. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t.

caroline_schmitt_best_of_201424 caroline_schmitt_best_of_201418 caroline_schmitt_best_of_201406 caroline_schmitt_best_of_201416 caroline_schmitt_best_of_201414

caroline_schmitt_best_of_201405 caroline_schmitt_best_of_201407 caroline_schmitt_best_of_201404 caroline_schmitt_best_of_201441 caroline_schmitt_best_of_201442

In 2015, I wanna take my yoga to the next level (meaning: to actually start) and get a more organised schedule that forces to me set priorities and take time for things that are important to me, and let go of others. I recently had an interview where someone casually told me that they’re taking every Monday off to reflect about the week. “I don’t meet friends or do anything spectacular, I literally just sit in cafes and think my life through.” That sounded pretty radical to me at the time but actually, I so need that too.

caroline_schmitt_best_of_201428 caroline_schmitt_best_of_201429 caroline_schmitt_best_of_201432 caroline_schmitt_best_of_201434 caroline_schmitt_best_of_201436





So – that was it. I’m quite nostalgic about how much has changed and happened, but I’m also a firm believer in the power of fresh beginnings. Thanks for being a part of my year and I hope you’re having a great start to 2015! x