My phone tells stories: Beirut baby

If I had to pick one thing that navigating through Lebanon taught me it would be to let go, to just dive in, to not think about what tomorrow will bring and to be fully alive in what’s happening right now instead, how to make it the best now possible, and maybe also not to talk about politics if you wanna have a good time. Technically that was six things but you get my point. In a way I feel that being around people who have seen as much of life, both its beautiful and destructive sides, and who have chosen to get up and smash their time on earth no matter what, taught me more than digging into the academics for three years at university. It’ll probably take a good while until I’ll be used to the Western European way of life again and not sure I’ll enjoy it as much.

But, and this is where it comes to the photos that made it onto my Instagram feed, I already couldn’t be more grateful for the privilege of somehow having stranded in Mar Mikhael and seeing its street art daily, its crazy night life, of hitchhiking to Sidon, of seeing the sunset in Byblos, of hiking in the mountains (and bumping into two guys there who shot birds just for fun, ehem), of stealing flowers from a wedding, of meeting the most precious and kind-hearted people, of seeing my body adjust to electricity, water and internet cuts and the heat super quickly, of dancing underwater, of listening to stories that made me want to pass them on to the whole wide world because they matter so much. So, thank you Beirut, I honestly did not expect to lose my heart on you that easily.

(Click here for the full dose of snaps from Lebanon.)

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