Tossed ice cream, rain and spectacular countryside at Lake Garda, Italy

Hey lovelies! I’m changing the whole blog around in the next two days, so please bear with me while some pictures can’t be displayed or the header is changing every two minutes. That’s just me being indecisive! The new URL is now my full name (so pleeease also change that in your feed readers/bookmarks/links), I got rid of the London and the stories because I’m not in London anymore and it just felt like a little change was long overdue.

Earlier in July I’ve spent two weeks near Lake Garda with the fam and apart from a tremendous amount of rain and pizza, we’ve also witnessed the beauty of nature once more. Four places you need to check out if visiting that part of Italy: Arco and its castle, Garda (the village), Valvestino (it’s a little hideaway we came across while driving from Lake Garda to Lake Idro and it blew us away) and the hot surfer boys of course. As traveling in my life often isn’t as relaxing as the pictures may suggest, it is beautifully refreshing to look out of the window and onto a lake, sit back on your sofa and just keep reading because the rain isn’t gonna go away anytime soon. So the batteries are all charged to smash the rest of the year, hey?

By the way, driving through South Tyrol and the Alps on the way back so made me wanna go there next. There’s few things in life that are as simple, stunning and quiet as mountains. Consider me hooked and my hiking boots at the ready!

_DSC9799 _DSC9764 _DSC9745 _DSC9733 _DSC9722 _DSC9719

_DSC9703 _DSC9616


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One response to Tossed ice cream, rain and spectacular countryside at Lake Garda, Italy

  1. It sounds like you all had a great time and your photos are spectacular – they really make me want to go back to Lake Garda asap as its been 3 years since I was there! I’ll check the train times and get it in the diary for September!! Good luck with the website updates!

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