Aye Aye Captain

Bonjour! This post is the result of a naughty break from deepening my understanding of the Arabic language, but I am hoping some holiday snaps will inspire my stubborn European throat to finally pronounce the ح in a way that won’t make the locals here shake their heads in amusement. Well, so, you may have noticed that my favourite motives are probably waves and water in fifty shades of blue. So it was only natural that during a 30-minute ferry ride crossing Lake Garda, I snapped away like there was no tomorrow.

This may have been triggered by the fact that my Dad was also onboard – he’s spent much of his life designing ferries and teaching me how to use dat camera properly. “Show me what you can do with that”, he said and pointed towards the ferry. And so I did. I had a very long and soppy “Whoa, this world is wonderful” moment while the wind messed with my hair and … I guess the result isn’t artsy or overly spectacular but I hope it explains why my eyes start sparkling when I’m talking about all things water. Have a wonderful Sunday afternoon! (And I’m gonna get back into the 30°C paradise that is my balcony to revise the alphabet.)





















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