Some last snippets of London life

London now feels like a lifetime away – I’m currently sitting in my best friend’s cafe in Frankfurt while preparing the last bits and bobs for the adventure that begins in two hours (in Beirut). My feelings are somewhere between massively excited and strangely nervous so having the girl that knows me best around really does the job. But the actual reason for this blog post is that I wanted to show you the photos I took before leaving London. Those weeks were a bit messy and rushed: I’ve been working full-time till the end, prepared my graduation, finished a few writing jobs, celebrated my birthday, did a road trip to Wales and hugged some of my favourite people goodbye. Now off to Frankfurt Airport, the place where some of the best stories began, and I will see you guys in Beirut!

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3_effected 4_effected 5_effected-2 5_effected 9_effected 8_effected dogsout 10_effected 11_effected  13_effected 20_effected 14_effected 17_effected 15_effected 16_effected 18_effected  22_effected 26_effected park 28_effected 29_effected 30_effected 32_effected 6_effected

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