My phone tells stories: Ten recently discovered truths


1. Germany is beautiful (see evidence above).

2. Should I – because and despite everything – settle in London, I would have to live next to Regent’s Canal. I cannot count the number of times I have walk from Victoria Park/Haggerston to Angel and just how therapeutic this has been. Screw the Overground!

3. Wine is the new beer.


4. I will never be a true artist. (A professor laughed at my piece of expressionism. He laughed and asked “What is this?”. And then he said “I like the irony in your work”. There was no irony, just pure art, I promise. I destroyed the piece afterwards. #heartbroken)

5. Time is the most precious and valuable currency in 2014 and forever.

6. Flowers enhance the quality of life by approximately 158%.


7. Graduating is somewhere between awesome and scary. It changes daily.

8. The same thing applies to life. And the future.

9. Hearts are too fragile to be played around with constantly. I am currently wrapping mine in an ocean of candy floss.


10. I suck at taking selfies. (That beautiful face is my friend but my own will be right here next month, promised.)

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