My phone tells stories: Bonjour Bruxelles

Before coming back to London (and kicking off my final year by editing the news section at the Arts London News, the country’s hottest student paper… new issue out today, boom!) I spent five weeks in Brussels to work for a news channel which may well have been the most exciting thing I’ve ever done. Apart from working crazy hours that usually ended with killing a few bottles of wine, running around the European Parliament with a camera team feeling super important, and trying to squeeze in some extra time to write my dissertation on weekends, I did have the odd afternoon off to explore Brussels a little. I tell ya, the city is totally up and coming! During the first few days, I spent about every night sipping different beers and chatting to old friends at the super laid-back Café Belga, which hosts some of the best gigs and club nights in town.

That bar is in the district Ixelles, just like any other cool place. Other spots that need checking out if you’re there for a weekend are… Lilicup for the cutest cupcakes, Mamma Roma for the best pizza in all of Europe (I have a friend working there who gave me a daily regular fix of pepperoni pizza, bless her!), God save the cream for when you miss that good ol’ Afternoon Tea too much, the Sunday flea market at Place Jeu de Balle for the weirdest furniture and ‘art’, Karsmakers for some serious espresso, ViaVia BXL for free maps and other helpful stuff for broke travellers, and… the Eurolines ticket office for when you need to get to London or Paris for £6. No joke!





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