Southern France Magic

Southern France is such a feast. I love how you can even see from the colours of the photos how hot and dry it was during summer. There’s something about these small villages that are like parallel universes where nobody bothers to update Twitter or Instagram feeds, where the highlight of each day is a huge five-course lunch, accompanied by a bottle of Burgundy. One thing that struck my brothers and me as ridiculous or unfair though was just how “easy” the vineyards are designed: We grew up harvesting grapes every autumn in Western Germany and oh, it was such a hassle to climb up the hills in the rain and carry dozens of carriages of grapes up to the truck, which would then finally bring everything down back into the valley where the rest of the family would get cracking and make wine. Whereas in France… there are no steep hills, landscapes are conveniently flat and the climate way “better” than anywhere else. So it doesn’t come a surprise that the wine there is arguably a lot tastier! I guess this is just to say that if you plan to get involved in the fabulous wine business, then don’t go to the Mosel valley but head to the Provence instead. Nothing like a bit of career advice on a photo blog, huh?













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