My phone tells stories: When summer came to town

When I click through these little square images, I realise two things. Firstly, the best moments are usually the ones who remain uncaptured because of the inability of a certain phone battery or because we were too busy being happy (or hungry?) to remember taking a photo, and secondly, how on earth is it already mid June!? But hey, according to my diary, summer is supposed to be in full swing, so let’s have a look at what’s been going on in London.

Summer means having healthy open-air breakfasts in Islington, moving an online conversation to the local park, flowers in your hair, cherry blossom trees and lots of other colourful botanic treasures whose names I don’t know, cider that is preferably drunk outside after a gig, whole days spent jumping around, feeling magic and wondering what else might be waiting in these next best months of the year. I’m beyond excited and can’t wait to bring another couple of busy days behind me to finally kick off a season of travels and adventures. Watch this space…






One response to My phone tells stories: When summer came to town

  1. Love this! Sometimes I catch myself scrolling through my photos when I’m bored as a reminder of how busy I actually am 🙂 I hope you keep enjoying your summer, it looks absolutely lovely.

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