Isle of Wight Vol. 2

The beginning of the second and last day and the pretty island was marked by lots of rain and a little accident everyone found absolutely hilarious, apart from me. After we bravely hiked through paths mud and jumped through the woods like Tarzan and Jane, I needed a little break and gracefully placed myself into what felt like an army of bees. It was, in fact, a mountain of nettles. (Yeah right, because that’s so much less painful!) Of course I was wearing super-thin tights, which thankfully made my hysterical screams that extra bit more authentic. Oh and yes, you two super professional hikers in your very attractive hiker robes, I saw your red faces that were on the verge of exploding from laughter. I hope you got attacked by a radiantly aggressive island sheep.

Other than that, we had a pretty awesome time exploring the Isle of Wight by bus (the random belly laugh of a middle-aged gentleman next to us lasted for about 20 minutes and turned the whole bus into a very jolly congregation indeed), stunning cottages all over, the lovely Mottisone Manor Garden with a little ‘Shack’ museum and a huge array of botanic flowers… all of which was even breath-taking in the pouring rain. So when we were walking back to the ferry 48 hours after we arrived, we felt like different people. That is because of the density of natural beauty and adventure that you just don’t get on the Victoria Line. Although I won’t be able to take a seat for a while because of said nettles…

















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