Meanwhile in Croatia

Who else is getting a bit fed up with that whole winter business? It was cool for a while to wrap up in cosy clothes that make you feel like a stranded whale to the point where you actually look forward to getting into the sticky underground. No, it was never fun.

I coincidentally came across some brighter photos from a two-week road trip through Croatia a few years back. They make a brilliant trigger for the wanderlust that does control our thoughts from time to time! That holiday was special because it didn’t involve dipping in polished hotel pools somewhere on the Canary Islands (Is there anything more boring?).

Instead it allowed us to get lost in the middle of a beautiful nowhere and to find out more about that wide country that’s a colorful clash of Central Europe, the Balkans and the Mediterranean. It also opened up some European sides that I’ve hardly encountered before: Wilderness, mediterranean climate and genuine hospitality (unpredictable wine-tasting sessions).

Hitting the road in Istria from Pula to Porec, day-tripping to Trieste and Venice was absolutely magical and makes me want to let a summer of unpredictable backpacking, brilliant photo opportunities and sleeping under the stars start now. Right, it’s only the beginning of March and there’s lots of rain outside but a bit of planning doesn’t hurt hey!

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4 responses to Meanwhile in Croatia

  1. I’ve been following your blog for a while since I’m madly in love with London and now with your photos. It was a nice surprise today to find you’ve been visiting my hometown Trieste and Venice, which I adore. 🙂

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