Bicester Village

With London Fashion Week behind us and all major news outlets swiftly turning to other topics again, I thought it might be a good time to take you on a virtual tour through Bicester Village, a little world of luxury between London and Oxford. It’s not like I’d ever consider spending more than £50 on a hand bag (on the other hand it comes to my attention that there are people who don’t get why other individuals spend a whole summer working towards a new lens…), but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun to have a look at the shop floors of Prada and other glossy labels.

Luckily my friend who took me there agrees that sometimes pressing the shutter release is more important than talking, so we had a lot of fun snapping faces, shoes and houses and ended up with just under a thousand photos. Is that what’s commonly known as antisocial behavior!?

Before exploring actual Bicester town (photos will follow another time), we bumped into a lovely couple from Croydon. The lady has been a dress maker all her life and still takes extra care that both her husband’s and her outfits match. She was a little embarrassed when admitting that even if she’d spent “my whole life tailoring clothes, we would still have a house full of leftover fabric.” That made the whole retail craze feel a tiny bit more personal…





















7 responses to Bicester Village

  1. Sissi

    You are a crazy photographer! Always come across with lots of creative ideas! The way you captured things have a life within them! Also, love your company! Xxxxxx

    • Caroline – Author

      Haha that was quick!! Thanks so much, that just put a huge smile on my face : ) I’ll see when I can come round next week to check out your snaps. Lots of love love loveeee x

  2. […] The point when travelling or even walking around in an unfamiliar spot in your home town is the sudden realisation that you might have come across its actual spirit. Not sure if that makes sense or if I’m talking in my own weird vocabulary whose words usually don’t really fit together, but hopefully you’ll know when looking at the photos. Bicester Town is nothing like the glamourous and rather artificial Bicester Village. […]

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