Of angry golf players, frozen trees and scenic dawns

Did it ever happen to you that you just went somewhere for the sake of walking? Now if you add a legendary lack of orientation to the excitement of catching some scenic vastness, you could end up in the middle of a golf field without knowing it. Of course, you’d soon notice the rather unholy verbal explosions of two middle-aged men who do not seem very amused about that strange obstacle with a very slow walking speed because of the constant usage of a camera.

Indeed, that day was prone to be a success. It did luckily change for the better when I found my way round to Richmond town (thanks to the not-so-patient directions from mentioned gentlemen), met some friends for coffee and walked up to the actual park that has a comforting lack of floating golf balls. Yes, the chilly and grey landscape can hardly come as a surprise since we’re not exactly on a Carribean beach, but when walking down, I couldn’t believe my eyes: There was sun. A lot of sun. And it was shining right into my face. So don’t say you’ve not seen a happy ending today…1_effected3_effected 4_effected 5_effected 6_effected 7_effected 9_effected 10_effected 12_effected 13_effected 14_effected 16_effected 18_effected8_effected 19_effected 20_effected

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