Coffee, Bacon Rolls and Stuff

Do we agree that what makes a city outstandingly exciting is not so much its architecture but the people who live in it and shape it through their personality and without who architecture wouldn’t even exist? Hopefully. I therefore get very excited by the combination of jolly people, decent music and a certain camera that luckily landed in the bag last minute.

Ezra Street is a small street just off Columbia Road. On Sundays, the flower buzz naturally expands to the whole area, so what better platform is there for two hilarious musicians to showcase their folk-indie-classical-tap-dancing performance!? My favorite actors though were two adorable kids who haven’t met before and whose parents had to constantly drag them away from the guitars. Oh, and the couple that spontaneously decided to turn the circle into a dance floor and put a smile on every face was okay too…













4 responses to Coffee, Bacon Rolls and Stuff

    • Caroline – Author

      Thank you! Black and white is beautiful – especially in a city like London with all its old buildings…

    • Caroline – Author

      Haha, your comment put a massive smile on my face! Thank you, I’m glad it served you well ; )

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