Hampstead Heath in winter

Humanity can arguably be divided into two groups of people: Some who despise every snowy occurrence and others who are patiently waiting for white Christmas every year. There’s nothing with stronger visual impact on urban landscapes than a sudden white , sparking icing that makes even the ugliest building look like some fairy castle from a children’s book.

This year, snow came long after Christmas but didn’t fail to amaze me and most of my London friends. So as soon as the first snow flakes were falling down, a bunch of us took a walk in Hampstead Heath and marvelled at the magic and crispy atmosphere. (And at the kids who were  passionately screaming while sledging down Parliament Hill. Oh happy days!)

These photos remind me of why the Heath is my all-time favourite London (and possible European) park. It’s so vast and even rural, yet it grants the most stunning view over Central. Its icy ponds on the other hand do make me miss summer terribly and I cannot wait for the first sun straws and some traditional barbecues next to one of those little lakes.
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