Recharging batteries in Germany

One of the great things of visiting the countryside (especially over Christmas) is the lack of interesting activities to do. You’re not at risk to miss the most amazing concert or a new gallery launch in an area where the closest ‘town’ is a 30-minute drive away. During those numbered moments a year it is refreshing to be entirely satisfied with sleep, food and long walks with the dog (who is by the way the most beautiful creature on the plant) … and for my colorful London life, but don’t tell the parents!

The journey back led through Stuttgart, a large town with a beautiful Roman city centre in South Germany, where I caught up with some awesome people who I haven’t hugged in too long. We sipped hot chocolate and healthy German lemon drinks (the combination couldn’t be any more strange, I agree) in the beautiful Café Künstlerbund just off Schlossplatz – before heading to the airport just in time for the fireworks
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